Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

DDMSPLUS fully integrates with S.P Richards, Essendant, and many major vendors

To have an office products ecommerce website, you must have office products content. Getting that content onto your site is easy through DDMSPLUS integrations. We integrate your DDMSPLUS system with your choice of vendors. Once those integrations are in place, item files automatically update. Ecommerce has never been simpler.

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You are not limited to our automated integrations. DDMSPLUS is flexible enough to accommodate products from vendors with which we do not have integrations. You can also sell your own products.

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How do automated integrations work?

Automated integrations make three things much easier for you:

Item file updates

Wholesalers and vendors update their item files periodically. We update those files for your customers and notify you of the changes.


When you accept a customer’s order you send it to the appropriate vendor(s) specifying shipping arrangements (third-party drop ship directly to the customer or to you for shipping). You receive an acknowledgment of the order and shipping arrangements.


The vendor(s) send you an invoice for purchased products. DDMSPLUS matches the invoice line by line to the purchase order (based on parameters set by you).

Wholesale and vendor integrations

  • Accutech
  • Allsteel Furniture
  • American Office Products Dealers
  • Arlington Industries
  • Aster Graphics
  • BOX Partners
  • Digitek
  • Diversified Computer Supplies
  • Educators Resource
  • Essendant
  • Global Furniture
  • Gunlocke Furniture (HNI)
  • Grainger
  • Haworth
  • Herman Miller
  • HON
  • Identity Group
  • Image Star
  • Independent Stationers
  • Inscape
  • Kimball Furniture
  • Knoll
  • Maxon
  • National
  • Paoli Furniture (HNI)
  • S. P. Richards
  • Supplies Network
  • Synnex Information Technologies Inc.
  • Tops Manufacturing
  • Trimega Purchasing Association
  • Trodat Stamps
  • WestPoint
  • Xstamper Rubber Stamps
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