Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

DDMSPLUS gives me complete visibility into our operations.

Operations Managers

DDMSPLUS™ software tightly integrates our business and accurate information is shared throughout.

DDMSPLUS software allows me to manage operations efficiently with:

  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Workflow processes
  • An integrated document management system

The DDMSPLUS order management solution helped me to automate inventory control and purchasing, get better control of the warehouse, and ensure that information was properly shared across the business—without error.

Previously, using several third-party software systems, we had to re-import information across business operations, and that led to costly mistakes. We were also not backing up and securing our data effectively. DDMSPLUS took control of all of our operations, integrating accounting, inventory, purchasing, warehousing and more into one system. 

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Delivery Dilemma?

Proof-of-DeIivery (POD) applications based in the cloud are transforming the shipping and delivery industry by replacing costly and time consuming manual and paper-based systems.

Manage Deliveries Better!

How Important Is CRM?

Check out the Acsellerate CRM411 Infographic to learn more about how CRM can help you improve customer loyalty and profitability.

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What Are Dealers Saying about Our Products?

Learn more about our products, add-ons, and services by watching our Webinars and Roundtable Discussions featuring dealer customers.

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