Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

DDMSPLUS has helped me achieve back office efficiency.

Office Managers

DDMSPLUS™ software has streamlined all of our business processes, saving us time and money.

DDMSPLUS software makes each of us more productive with tools such as:

  • 360-view of company operations
  • Real-time multi-location inventory control
  • Complete integration of all business modules

So much of the work we were doing before was inefficient, but I didn’t realize just how inefficient until we started using DDMSPLUS. I would say it has made the back office 40% more productive by streamlining and automating all of our manual processes.

DDMSPLUS has eliminated redundant data input and errors and communicates information automatically across business divisions.  The transition to DDMSPLUS couldn’t have been smoother; there was almost no interruption to our workflow and everyone got up to speed within a couple weeks.

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