Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Our business works smarter with DDMSPLUS

Experienced Dealers

DDMSPLUS™ software integrates every aspect of our business and provides a real-time snapshot.

Key features I use:

  • Business management 360 view of operations
  • Analytics and reporting features
  • ECi’s on-site and virtual training

DDMSPLUS™ business management software is the ideal ERP for us, because it was made for the office products dealership industry. It has integrated our different product lines, operations and branches, as well as the company finances and management structure. It gives me a macro view of our brick and mortar store and e-commerce performance, as well as a micro view of the areas that need my attention. Our divisions are now sharing information seamlessly and customer service ratings are up.

Everything we need was included in our package, so DDMSPLUS has been cost-effective. And, because it’s cloud-based, there’s no worrying about security and we don’t need lots of IT support people or expensive servers to run the system.

After all of these considerations, one solution meets all of our needs. DDMSPLUS has been exactly what ECi promised.

Looking for a solution that will take your dealership into the next generation?

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