Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

DDMSPLUS puts all of our finances at my fingertips.

CFOs and CEOs

With DDMSPLUS™ software, I’m running a more efficient business, and working fewer hours.

DDMSPLUS software gives me the accounting, reporting, payroll and business management tools I need:

  • Federal, city, state, 401, and benefits deductions
  • Profitability tracking to customers, products, contracts, groups and employees
  • Comprehensive management and financial reporting
  • Credit card processing with POS and commercial order entry

DDMSPLUS integrates all of our operations and provides me with instant and accurate data on sales, margins and inventory. It allows me to quickly analyze information so we can be much more precise with cost control. This gives us more capital to invest in diversified markets.

This system also gives us the tools we need to grow: a more powerful e-commerce platform, the ability to expand into new vertical markets, and the possibility to add mobile applications.

With DDMSPLUS, I’m confident I can help keep this business growing and running successfully for decades.

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Your Guide to a Great ERP

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There’s Peace of Mind in the Cloud

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The future is in the cloud

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