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JumpTrack® Proof-of-Delivery system

Making deliveries is perhaps one of your most cost-intensive services—and one of the most important. ECi can help transform your delivery operations into a competitive advantage. JumpTrack® Proof-of-Delivery system speeds up the delivery process by helping dealers plan, capture and track deliveries. JumpTrack POD works on any iOS or device for Android, and is easy to learn.

Advantages of JumpTrack include: 

  • Access JumpTrack to download delivery information or upload signature capture and delivery details
  • All information is accessed from and stored in the cloud
  • Signature and delivery detail capture can be immediately sent to A/R, emailed to customers and viewed in ECinteractivePlus e-commerce platform
  • Deliveries, returns and drivers are all easily tracked, increasing accuracy and accountability
  • Drivers can be tracked using GPS and, for an additional fee, a route optimization feature can be added that could save you thousands of dollars per truck annually
Jumptrack infographic image

Deliveries are a good source of revenue. Get a jump on optimizing this service today! 

Plan, Capture and Track with JumpTrack

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