Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Avoid losing sales due to abandoned carts

On average, users of CartIQ® reclaim 40-50% of their abandoned carts.

Have you ever left items in your online shopping cart and never returned? Most shoppers have; in fact, 1 out of 4 shoppers have abandoned carts. Your customers are abandoning carts on your site, too.

Abandoned cart emails

CartIQ® is a targeted email tool. Abandoned carts trigger the emails that remind customers to finish their orders and include offers to entice them to continue shopping with you.

Offer incentive for customers to return

If you have a customer who hasn’t shopped with you in a while, bring them back to your website with a special offer they can’t refuse.

Email templates

CartIQ® has preset templates that make it easy for you to customize with your personal message. Our digital services team will get everything set and running for you in no time!

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