Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

DDMSPLUS Additional Solutions

In addition to its bundled package, ECi DDMSPLUS™ offers add-on solutions and services to meet your business needs, allowing you to fully optimize your day-to-day tasks, expand your services, and create a platform for growth. There is no need to work in multiple software platforms to perform tasks and retrieve information when you use DDMSPLUS.

Here's a snapshot of the add-on products we offer for DDMSPLUS:

Cart IQ™ Targeted Emails

Avoid losing sales due to abandoned carts. Target them by sending the right emails at the right time to get your customers to complete their purchase and encourage past shoppers to return.

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E-commerce Website Design

Upgrade your e-commerce website with great design and continually freshened content, and generate more return business.

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Branded Website Design

Improve your regional search engine optimization (SEO), generate new leads, drive sales and increase your brand awareness through a branded website.

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On-site Business Review

Get a comprehensive business overview, complete with best-practice recommendations and modifications specifically tailored to your unique needs.

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Professional Services

Let DDMSPLUS professionals help you with year-end procedures and O/PUS loads.

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OfficeShopper Mobile App

Let your customers shop conveniently from their smartphones and tablets. Make shopping quick, easy and mobile.

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Business Intelligence and CRM

Easily obtain sales and business intelligence to understand your customers' buying habits and make better decisions, faster.

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JumpTrack Proof-of-Delivery

Plan and track deliveries—optimize this potentially lucrative revenue stream with proof-of-delivery software.

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Managed Print Solutions

FMAudit®provides everything you need to assess, analyze, propose, monitor and market your MPS strategy.

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Premier Account Management

Receive a personalized review of your business goals, develop and execute a plan to meet those goals, and get annual follow-ups to identify additional improvements.

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