Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Business management software improves efficiency and increases growth

ECi DDMSPLUS seamlessly integrates every division of your business so you can operate at peak efficiency. Functions that include order management, purchasing, inventory, AR/AP, business and sales analytics, reporting, business intelligence and CRM, sales and marketing, e-commerce, in-house printing, customer management and employee management work together to provide smooth transactions and a real-time snapshot of your business to facilitate better decision-making.

As your business expands, mobile applications, delivery management tools and surveillance services are available to support your growth.

DDMSPLUS automates the sharing of all of this information across your business. Each employee is empowered to become more efficient and productive. The end results are reduced operating costs and improved cash flow, sales and margins.

DDMSPLUS includes everything you need to run your business effectively

Every DDMSPLUS system includes:

dataconversion ecommerce officefurniture-icon officeproducts onsitetraining planetpress-icon URLmasking
  • An e-commerce platform

  • All office product modules and features

  • All office furniture modules and features

  • URL masking

  • PlanetPress for in-house printing

  • Data conversion services

  • On-site implementation training services

Join the e-commerce revolution

Join the e-commerce revolution: $946M in sales!

Think you can’t compete with Amazon and the big box superstores online? Dealers using DDMSPLUS are competing with the power channels—and winning! The e-commerce platform generates more total revenue than any other independent e-commerce software in the office products industry. In 2015, dealers using DDMSPLUS generated $946.6 million in online transactions.

Startup costs

Start-up and maintenance costs are minimal

There is no need to invest in expensive servers or the IT personnel it takes to maintain and secure them. ECi hosts the server for you and the IT security team has decades of experience supporting independent office product dealers. We are committed to keeping your system running efficiently and securely in the cloud.

The many benefits of a cloud-based ERP

What is cloud ERP? Cloud ERP is business management software that is accessed in a platform over the internet

The many benefits of a cloud-based ERP

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