Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

We have the same goals that you do

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to delivering the industry’s highest standards of training and support to ensure that our software meets your daily business objectives. Once you purchase a DDMSPLUS business management solution, training and support is a four-part process.

DDMSPLUS will assess your needs

Needs assessment

First we learn about your business to determine what you need right now and what you will need as your business evolves. A dedicated account manager will talk with you and your team about your operations, processes and critical needs in order to help design your daily workflow.

DDMSPLUS from implementation planning through go-live


From implementation planning through go-live, you can receive training through weekly one-on-one calls, virtual sessions, or an on-site consultation. After go-live, you will work with your account manager for a minimum of 45 days and will receive dedicated personal attention to help you and your staff gain confidence with your system.

ECi DDMS and DDMSPLUS support technicians are on call 24/7


ECi DDMS and DDMSPLUS support technicians are on call 24/7, ready to offer you assistance with any emergency or routine business question. You can also take advantage of our support system’s customer portal to request assistance from the Technical Support Team. The customer portal provides you with convenient access to support for your ECi software and allows you to manage your support tickets and track ticket status.

You can also utilize Premier Account Management, our highest level of service and support for users. Premier Account Managers take a proactive approach that helps you stay on the cutting-edge of technology and business practices.

ECi provides continuously available training

Ongoing training

ECi provides continuously available training to help you get the most out of your system and ensure that you are always improving efficiency and offering your customers the most outstanding service possible.

Our DDMSPLUS webinars and roundtable discussions offer a time-saving alternative to traditional classroom training and are an opportunity to train a large number of your employees cost effectively.

ECi also presents the Connect Conference to provide intensive training on software, networking opportunities, the chance to learn best business practices from other users and informative sessions on every aspect of running a business.

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