Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Success Story:
Woodmansee Office Supplies

ECiCloud for DDMS® brings peace of mind along with profitability

Ask Joe Woodmansee what he likes most about his cloud-based version of DDMS® software and his answer has little to do with any technology bells and whistles and a lot more to do with peace of mind.

“When your software is on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about what might happen if your building burned down or you got hit with a similar catastrophe,” he says. “It’s like an insurance policy and it helps me feel a whole lot more comfortable about the business.”

Bismarck, North Dakota-based Woodmansee’s Office Supplies has been a fixture of the local business community since Joe’s grandfather, Harry Woodmansee, first opened the doors at the dealership in 1914. Back then, it sold tobacco products and magazines but those days are long gone.

Today’s Woodmansee’s operates as a full-service office solutions provider, with a product mix that covers the full spectrum of office needs—from office supplies and furniture to ink and toner, breakroom and facilities supplies, promotional products and more. 

DDMS is the office products industry’s leading business software

Joe has been using the DDMS ERP system since 1994 and it’s played a key role in keeping the business strong and profitable.

“I really like the fact that it’s the industry’s leading system,” he says. “I’m connected with a number of other DDMS dealers across the country. They represent a valuable resource if I have a question or a problem or if I’m looking for some new business ideas or strategies. With DDMS, you’re part of a network of dealer users and you can always call up a friend and share ideas.”

Joe gives kudos to the ECinteractive Web storefront for helping the dealership grow its online business, and also to DDMS’s Technical Support desk. “We don’t need to ask for help from Technical Support very often, but when we do ask, they’ve always been very responsive,” he says.

Moving to the cloud was an easy choice

Joe moved his DDMS system to the cloud about three years ago. “The timing was right,” he recalls. “Our server was reaching the end of its useful life and we either needed to get a new one or move to the cloud.” It wasn’t a real hard call. In addition to the added security, there was also the appeal of no longer having to take back up files off site every night and also being able to look forward to someone else taking care of updates and maintenance.

But even with such strong logic in favor of the switch, making software changes is always a daunting task. Fortunately for Joe and his team, the experts at ECi made the whole process run smoothly.

“DDMS did all the work and got everything ready and all we did was just turn it on when everything was good to go,” he recalls. “It all went seamlessly. Moving to the cloud has made life a whole lot easier at our dealership and given us more peace of mind,” says Joe. “You never want anything bad to happen but now we know that if it does, we’ll be able to keep the business going from just about anywhere.”

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