Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Success Story:
Office Value

OfficeShopper Mobile Ecommerce App Streamlines Inventory and Ordering Processes

Jeff Lurcook still remembers the day he realized it was time to add the OfficeShopper™ mobile ecommerce system and app to his ECinteractivePLUS® web storefront.

A mobile ecommerce system is a necessity for solving customer ordering problems

“I was in the middle of a business review with one of our major clients and he was giving us feedback on our website,” Lurcook recalls. “He told us the only issues they had were with their field people, who found a website-only based ordering system cumbersome to use since they were off-site so much.”

Lurcook and his team had already been thinking about integrating OfficeShopper into their DDMSPLUS® ERP solution. So, when one of his largest customers brought up the need for a mobile solution, Lurcook knew it was time.

Spread far and wide, the company requires support for multiple locations

An industry veteran who has used a DDMS system of one kind or another for over 20 years, Lurcook currently serves as president of a dealership that boasts multiple locations in three different states—Oregon, Idaho, and Utah—and a customer base that comes with “ship-tos” in all 48 states in the Continental U.S.

While the dealership currently operates under four different brand names, depending on the market—Southwest Office Supply in Portland, Oregon; Cascade Office Supply in Bend, Oregon; Office Value in Meridian and Twin Falls, Idaho; and ROSI Workplace Solutions in Salt Lake City—the entire operation runs on a single, cloud-based DDMS platform.

“We’ve certainly looked at other systems, but DDMSPLUS does the best job of handling multiple locations and multiple inventories for an office supply dealership like ours,” says Lurcook. “And the ability of valuable add-on office supply dealer solutions like the Acsellerate® sales intelligence tool, and the MyAnalyst margin manager only serves to increase the system’s value for us.”

Given the importance of DDMS to the dealership’s overall growth and profitability, selecting OfficeShopper as its mobile ecommerce system was an easy choice for Lurcook and his team.

Transitioning to the turnkey OfficeShopper mobile solution is painless

“Implementing OfficeShopper is a very simple and painless process,” he explains. “Once ECi gave us an OfficeShopper ID number and uploaded our logo, we were basically ready to go. We spent a couple of days testing it ourselves in-house and then we were all set to roll it out.”

“One of our major customers has a field sales team that works out of a network of storage units that have no electricity or internet connection,” Lurcook explains.

“Before OfficeShopper, they would have to physically check inventory in their storage units, write down what they needed to reorder and then rekey it once they got back to their main office. With OfficeShopper, all they have to do now is use their phone to scan the bar code on the products they need, enter the quantity, and submit the order right from the storage unit. That was a huge gain for them and for us!”

Another customer, says Lurcook, reported how much he appreciated the increased ordering flexibility the app gave him. “If he wanted to place an order from home, all he had to do with OfficeShopper was grab his smart phone, log into the system, go to his favorites list, find the product he needed, and hit the submit button. Then he was able to get back to making dinner,” he explains!

OfficeShopper helps office supply dealers attract service-minded customers

“OfficeShopper is a very stable program; it’s simple to understand and navigate and all you really have to do to sell it is demo the program,” says Lurcook. “If you’re with a prospect, just pick up something from their desk like a box of tissues, scan in the bar code with your phone and show them all the content and ordering functionality that automatically shows on the app. That’s usually enough for a ‘wow’ moment just by itself!”

While the hi-tech bells and whistles that come with OfficeShopper are certainly impressive, they are not the program’s most important feature for Lurcook. Ultimately, he says, it’s all about customer service.
“Back when I started in the industry over 20 years ago, it was a relationship business and even with all the changes we’ve seen since then, it’s still a relationship business,” Lurcook contends.

“That makes it critical today for any independent to be able to adapt to how customers buy—whether that’s on a mobile device, website, calling or faxing in an order, or emailing and texting. We have to have all those options available, including an easy-to-use, feature-rich mobile solution. That’s what OfficeShopper gives us—the ability to keep those relationships strong and to do so on the customer’s own terms. OfficeShopper is an important tool for us today and it’s only going to become even more important going forward.”

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