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Success Story:
Herald Office Solutions

Premier Account Management: Like having a DDMS expert on staff

In 1958, Herald Office Supply was opened, serving local merchants. Expanding for more than 50 years now, Herald employs more than 140 people over eight locations in the Carolinas that include seven storefronts and one distribution center. The company includes three sales divisions—Office Supply, Furniture and Equipment including a printing division that offers custom rubber stamps, t-shirts and laser-inscribed plaques.

“After starting with DDMS, we used consultants for the most part,” says Foxworth. “But when the most recent consultant retired, we realized we still needed help to move forward. So we said, ‘Let’s see what’s available in Premier Account Management and see if it can help us.’ After talking to other clients that use Premier Account Management, we decided to sign up and now Mike Ferren is our account representative.

“Mike has a good solid background in computer and peripheral hardware, and Mike also knows a lot more than just the DDMS software. He also has really good working knowledge of the Microsoft operating systems and the third party software packages that we use. He can talk the IT lingo with our IT department and they both understand each other.

“You know, I’ll tell you, I envisioned it a little differently. I thought when I called Premier Account Management, what I was going to hear was, ‘You need to read this; that will tell you how to do that.’ Or, ‘I’ll show you once and then you do it.’ But Mike will do as much as we ask him to do. I didn’t really expect him to be that much a part of what we’re trying to do. At first I thought of him as an outside consultant. Now I think of him as a part of my staff.

"Mike has helped us over some rough patches in the last few months and we all are looking forward to his two-day visit, still yet to come. We know he has evaluated some of what we do and during his visit he will help us develop a plan to become more efficient and profitable using the DDMS software. Also, we are looking at a number of projects like setting up virtual printers, printing and scanning bar codes, etc., that we will rely on Mike's assistance to make work."

When asked about the top three reasons he'd recommend Premier Account Management to a colleague, Foxworth replies: "I would say the first one would be the fact that Mike has the knowledge. He provides us with the correct answer to our problem. Second, is the promptness of the involvement in the situation. If you don't get them straight away with a telephone call or e-mail, you will get a call back as soon as possible from either Mike or another member of the Premier Account Management team. Third, they help us better understand the software; propose options with the benefits versus disadvantages, so we can decide the direction we what to go and then assist us from there."

Asked his final thoughts on Premier Account Management, Foxworth replies, “Is it worth it? Yes, it is for us. Mike and the team helped us when we had problems and needed their expert assistance. I feel more secure that what we are doing is correct with Mike Ferren and the Premier Account Management team all standing behind us. It lets us move forward more quickly than if we were doing this on our own."

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