Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Success Story:
AAA Business Supplies

PlanetPress® helps generate new productivity gains

It’s as simple as this: If you’re an independent dealer and competing against the likes of Staples and Amazon, you need marketing and business communications that send a consistent, quality message about who you are and what you do. Competition today is just too fierce for it to be any other way.

The good news for Gail Munekawa and the rest of the team at San-Francisco-based AAA Business Supplies & Interiors is that they can be confident they’re sending just that kind of message with virtually every business communication that goes out, thanks to the PlanetPress suite of workflow management and document production tools that are available for use with their DDMS system.

PlanetPress®, says Munekawa, has not only given key customer-facing business documents a far more professional look and feel, but it has also helped take the dealership’s overall marketing efforts to a new level.

Personalized marketing

“PlanetPress has made it possible for AAA to do what is essentially one-on-one marketing to our customers,” she explains. “PlanetPress comes with powerful ‘if/then’ logic, so we can customize just about anything we put out—invoices, statements, usage reports and so on—to look differently from one customer to another, depending on their particular needs and preferences.”

AAA has been using PlanetPress for the past three years and, Munekawa reports, it has not only allowed the dealership to tailor messaging literally one customer at a time, but has also helped give a far greater level of consistency and professionalism to its overall marketing.

“Our reports today are so much more professional looking than they were before we implemented PlanetPress,” she says.

And that’s just one element of the PlanetPress benefits package for the dealer. The program is also helping AAA enjoy significant cost savings and operate far more efficiently.

Significant cost savings and more operational efficiency

“With PlanetPress, we can print a document on any printer that’s on the system,” Munekawa explains. “Implementing PlanetPress has enabled us to eliminate all the pre-printed forms we used to stock in our warehouse and when we moved to emailing reports and documents, we started seeing even more savings!”

Munekawa estimates AAA now sends about 80% of its statements and billing reports by email, resulting in significant paper and postage cost reductions and freeing up valuable staff time for more productive activities.

And, she points out, emailing also has benefits on the customer service front. “A lot of our customers say they appreciate getting their invoices and statements via email,” she reports happily. “It eliminates the possibility of things getting lost on their desks and it also means less paperwork—they can look at the invoice online, approve it and then send it on for processing.”

Streamlined reporting

PlanetPress is also generating productivity gains internally, says Munekawa. ”We have a series of reports that are generated and emailed out automatically on a daily basis,” she explains. “Our managers can open the reports on their screens, decide if any action is needed and then move on to something else. It’s just a more efficient way of doing things.”

Whether externally on the marketing or customer service front or internally, with reduced paper consumption and productivity gains, PlanetPress has clearly made a major difference at AAA.

“PlanetPress has helped streamline our operations and workflows, it’s made us look more professional and it’s given us the ability to serve our customers better and communicate with them in the same way as our big box competition,” says Munekawa. “And we’re still learning about the system and what it can do. Implementing PlanetPress has been a huge plus for AAA and it’s only going to get better!”

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