Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

Success Story:
A-Z Office Resource

JumpTrack® POD Delivers Powerful Productivity Tools and Customer Service Benefits

If you’re an independent office products dealer today, your challenge couldn’t be more straightforward: you must do what you do better than your competition, whether they’re big or small, brick-and-mortar or online. Ensuring your very survival, as well as your long-term success, is as simple as that.

That’s why, for more than 30 years, Butch West and his team at A-Z Office Resource have relied on ECi Software Solutions. In every decade, ECi has given them the technology tools they have needed to compete effectively in a challenging and competitive market. With the number of formidable players in the industry today, having the right tools to take on all competitors has never been more critical.

ECi offers an array of technology resources, including JumpTrack

A-Z Office Resource has become one of the leading independents in the Southeast. ECi's products have made vital contributions to this success. For example: the JumpTrack® electronic proof-of-delivery (POD) system.

A-Z Office Resource implemented JumpTrack’s predecessor, RouteTrak, back in 2002 and since then it has become a critical part of their overall distribution operations. Says distribution and operations manager Ricky Frazier, “I can’t imagine not having JumpTrack at A-Z today and not being able to take advantage of the efficiency it has given us.”

JumpTrack POD delivers complete driver accountability and visibility

Frazier and A-Z IT manager Sean Barnes still remember the days when delivery operations at the dealership weren’t run through JumpTrack or RouteTrack. Those memories are not very pleasant.

“Before RouteTrak, we had a totally manual process,” Barnes recalls. “We used paper delivery manifests and we had no idea what was happening with our trucks once they left the dock. If we had a driver who decided to go home in the middle of the day and watch TV for three hours, we literally wouldn’t know anything about it!”

RouteTrak and JumpTrack changed all that. “One of the main benefits JumpTrack gives us is the accountability it provides for our drivers,” says Barnes. “With JumpTrack, we can see very clearly where our drivers are and how they are spending their time.”

A growing delivery operation requires tight management

Given the scope of A-Z’s delivery operations today, that’s valuable information. The numbers alone tell an impressive story. Barnes reports that some 40 drivers make about 700 deliveries a day currently, and they operate out of ten different distribution centers in a trading area that includes just about all of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Kentucky, and Virginia.

As the manager ultimately responsible for those deliveries, Frazier doesn’t even like to think what his days would be like without JumpTrack.

“With JumpTrack, I have a single point of contact for information on our entire delivery operations and that’s a huge plus. Before JumpTrack, we had no visibility into what our branches were doing other than what they would tell us. We had no real way of identifying where we were making money and where we were losing money on our deliveries.”

JumpTrack provided all that insight and then some! Says Frazier, “I can go into JumpTrack whenever I want to and see how many deliveries any of our branches had on a particular day down to the smallest details. I can see what routes the drivers took, how long it took them between deliveries, and whether or not it is costing us more money to go to a particular location than it’s worth. And all that information is very accessible and reliable; the only time we have a problem with the system is if one of our drivers accidentally drops their iPad®!”

Dramatically cut down costly delivery errors that impact profitability

The system’s GPS tracking capability is just one of several benefits JumpTrack brings to A-Z. The program’s scan-on, scan-off functionality represents a powerful productivity tool that makes life a whole lot easier and more productive for the dealership’s drivers.

“With JumpTrack,” Barnes explains, “we can scan packages as they’re loaded onto the truck, so when the driver reaches a particular customer on his route, he knows how many packages they’re supposed to get. When they’re scanning off, the system will tell them if they scan a package that’s not meant to go to that customer. It not only eliminates a lot of paperwork but also cuts down on costly errors.”

Today’s customers expect and deserve delivery visibility

Barnes says there’s also a key customer service dimension to the JumpTrack value proposition. “With JumpTrack, a customer can go online and see if their order is out for delivery. And if they call customer service to see exactly where it is, our rep can log in to JumpTrack, see how far along the driver is on his route, and let the customer know right then and there when to expect the delivery. If it’s an emergency and the customer needs that delivery in a hurry, all we have to do is email the driver and ask them to move that customer up on the delivery schedule.”

Functionality like that makes JumpTrack a valuable resource for just about any dealer, even those whose delivery operations are a lot smaller than A-Z’s.

“As independent dealers today, we have to find ways to do everything more efficiently and do it all 110% better than the next guy,” says Barnes.

“JumpTrack not only allows us to do that on that all-important last mile but also sends a clear message to customers that they’re working with a progressive, highly professional operation whose processes and procedures are just as good, if not better, than anything they might find from a big box, or even UPS and FedEx. With competition the way it is today, that’s a very good message to be able to send!”

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