Fort Worth, Texas

ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the release of CartIQ targeted email alerts for shoppers who have abandoned carts or not shopped a site recently. Research from the Baymard Institute shows that 27% of shoppers have abandoned a cart while shopping online.* 

CartIQ is an email remarketing tool that is designed to win these customers back through targeted emails that remind them they have items in a shopping cart. Adding special promotions and discounts to the email provides further enticement for these shoppers. The targeted email tool also invites shoppers who have not visited a site in some time to return to make purchases. “We miss you” emails that include special offers and promotions, introduce new products or website features, or messages tailored to a specific audience can be sent. Overall, CartIQ helps retailers provide more shopping value that translates into increased sales and customer retention. 

“Through beta testing, we’ve discovered that users of CartIQ have 73% of triggered emails opened, with a 53% conversion into sales,” said Brian Bowerfind, Distribution Division President for ECi. “These are very encouraging statistics! CartIQ can provide incredible value to our customers and help increase the profitability of their e-commerce businesses. 

“CartIQ currently integrates with our DDMSPLUS software,” Bowerfind continued. “We have plans to roll this out across ECi’s other e-commerce platforms in the near future, as its benefit has become apparent very quickly.” 

"CartIQ has addressed a gap in our marketing strategy that we didn’t have the time or resources to fill,” said Emily Murphy, Marketing Specialist at Strickland Companies. “The results and revenue we’ve seen thus far are beyond our expectations and have already paid for the cost of the program—even while using a small test group! I can see CartIQ being beneficial for a dealership of any size.” 

To learn more about CartIQ, please visit the DDMSPLUS site.

*37 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics, Baymard Institute, January 9, 2017,