Fort Worth, TX

ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced a Private Supply Network (PSN) integration between its DDMS® software for office products dealers and the ComplyRight™ compliance line of products focused on the areas of human resources, labor law and tax solutions. Compliance posters and forms have been difficult products to stock because laws are updated and changed frequently, causing materials to quickly become outdated and, therefore, unsellable. For example, certain labor law posters must be conspicuously posted by all employers, but there are more than 120 versions of the posters to meet applicable federal, state and city requirements, with English, Spanish and bilingual versions. There were more than 50 updates to these posters during 2015 alone, meaning the traditional wholesaler and dealer inventory distribution models simply do not work.

“Adding ComplyRight to the PSN enables independent dealers to offer legally required products to their customers without ending up with useless inventory,” said Andrew Morgan, President of ECi’s Office Products Division. “It will also allow them to expand into a new product category, strengthening their assortment. This PSN integration is tightly woven into our industry-leading DDMS solution for the office product industry, so the most up-to-date, legally required posters and forms can be easily supplied on demand.”

“Customers need a knowledgeable supplier and our resources can make a dealer a go-to for all their compliance questions and needs,” added Brett G. Hall, Director of Partner Development for ComplyRight. “We believe that the compliance category offers an untapped opportunity to add to a dealer’s offerings. These are products their customers need to run their business and that are, in fact, legally required.”

“This PSN has the added benefit of providing our customers the means to help their own customers stay legally compliant,” concluded Morgan. “It’s not an area in which many technology providers are helping their customers, but at ECi we support our customers in all aspects of their businesses, not just with their software.”

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