Fort Worth, TX

ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced that version 10.3 of the DDMS® business system has been integrated with the one of the world’s leading alternative suppliers to the office equipment industry, Katun Corporation, using ECi’s Private Supply Network (PSN).

ECi’s PSN automates the process of exchanging B2B data. The Katun PSN integration in DDMS 10.3 automates item and pricing file import via ECi Content Integration software. It allows sales agents to check Katun's stock availability and pricing in Order Entry in real time and allows purchasing agents to securely transmit purchase orders and receive Katun acknowledgements of allocated inventory. By eliminating the need to enter item details or re-key orders manually, ECi’s PSN helps avert costly human errors.

“Our growing partnership with Katun is part of ECi’s commitment to help independent dealers do business more efficiently and profitably,” said Tom Kapp, ECi Executive Vice President. “In August 2011, we completed a similar integration with ECi OMD, our business system dedicated to office machine dealers. In both cases, the result has been to make it easier to do business with Katun at no additional charge to our mutual customers. The DDMS integration will especially benefit dealers who sell office supplies, or who sell and repair office equipment, or — as is unique to DDMS software — dealers who sell in multiple industries.”

Katun is one of dozens of wholesalers and manufacturers in many industries — office supplies, office equipment, IT consumables, janitorial/sanitation, office furniture systems, lumber and building materials, manufacturing and more — who have taken advantage of ECi’s exclusive PSN technology. The process automation and efficiencies it achieves in turn fosters mutual customer loyalty.

"Our partnership leveraging ECi’s PSN technology is a valuable and strategic investment," remarked Brian Fredrickson, Vice President of Information Technology for Katun. "We believe it goes a long way to help improve efficiency for our customers around the world and bring Katun’s pioneering innovations in the imaging supplies aftermarket to more independent dealers."