Fort Worth, TX

eCommerce Industries, Inc. (ECi), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced that Connect Conference 2011 was an all-around success. The national conference for users of ECi’s business solutions was held at the Renaissance Worthington hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, November 1–3. More than 800 attendees from eight countries participated, as well as 43 vendor partners of ECi. Connect Conference 2011 was a new venture as sessions were provided for all the business sectors ECi serves, rather than focusing on a single industry.

“Everyone involved with this conference had a great experience,” said Ron Books, President and CEO of ECi. “It was a huge success for our customers, our staff and the partners who participated. The theme was ‘Educate, Collaborate, Inspire.’ Our goal with this conference was to ensure our customers left feeling inspired and energized to leverage new technology in their business. I think we accomplished that.”

“Another great benefit of the conference was the opportunity for our customers to connect with each other,” adds Traci Johnson, SVP of Global Marketing for ECi. “They really enjoyed meeting fellow users of their software solutions and educating each other on best practices and problem solving. Learning how a peer uses the software is one of the best training strategies.”

Connect Conference provided attendees in-depth training on their specific software and also a chance to learn about solutions that integrate with their software. Additionally, many attendees commented on how much they enjoyed meeting not only fellow users of their particular software, but also users of the other solutions ECi provides. “I think our customers were really amazed and delighted to discover the huge community of which they are a part,” continues Johnson.

“The event was well-coordinated with great classes, things of interest for all market segments and awesome support,” commented conference attendee John Hauptstueck, President of Rosa’s Office in Richmond, Indiana. “We truly appreciate our partnership. The success that we enjoy is partly due to the value we gain from ECi’s software, systems and people.”

One of the many highlights of the conference was keynote speaker Jim Morris. His real-life story of “an ordinary guy who experienced something extraordinary” is the basis for the Disney® movie The Rookie. Morris related how sticking to his dream of pitching in the big leagues— no matter what turns his life took— eventually made that dream a reality. His message of having a plan, sticking to your vision and being a dream maker for others resonated with the audience.

“ECi is now planning our next national conference for 2013,” concludes Books. “This successful collaborative approach proves that business of all sizes and industries can learn from each other. We expect Connect 2013 to be even better.”