Cloud-based ERP for independent office products dealers

What should you look for in a next-generation ERP?

Every successful independent office products dealer business is built on the foundation of a powerful, flexible and scalable ERP. With rising costs, smaller margins and increased competition, it is more important than ever to rely on a solution that can manage every aspect of your business today and empower your profitable growth well into the future. 

What makes DDMSPLUS software right for your office products business? 

  • A cloud-based solution, it is cost-effective and accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • ECi DDMSPLUS is the only industry-specific ERP that integrates all of your operations, allows you to manage complex product lines and services, and enables your growth into new vertical markets and e-commerce.
  • Complete product distribution system
  • Unique and extensive features specifically for office products dealers
  • With DDMSPLUS, your dealership will see increased sales and margins, streamlined business processes, reduced inventory, increased cash flow and growth in e-commerce that will fuel your business.
  • Dealers using DDMSPLUS are competing with the power channels like Amazon—and winning! in 2015, dealers generated $946.6 million in online transactions and for 2016, more than $1.1 billion! 

A complete, cloud-based business management software

Our next generation solution, DDMSPLUS software, is the most advanced, comprehensive, integrated and efficient ERP in the industry. A cloud-based solution, it is cost-effective and accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time. Every DDMSPLUS system includes:

  • An e-commerce platform
  • All office products modules and features
  • All office furniture modules and features
  • URL masking
  • PlanetPress® for in-house printing of professional-grade invoices, shipping labels and more
  • Data conversion services
  • On-site implementation training services

Here is a snapshot of the features that DDMSPLUS offers:

Modern Technology

  • Utilizing a SQL database, while retaining its rich feature set, DDMSPLUS offers stability and supportability for the next 10+ years.
  • Removes legacy developmental restrictions to deliver increased functionality at a lower cost and a quicker time to market.
  • Removes many of the layers required by DDMS to transfer data, therefore increasing performance and stability.
  • Cloud-based for improved performance, increased up-time, greater scalability, and predictable costs while removing IT barriers for maintaining the server.
  • Vault integration for credit cards through Sage Payment Solutions eliminates the need for DDMSPLUS to obtain PADSS certification. PCI compliance or PADSS certification as it relates to your specific business is your responsibility. Consult IT and data security specialists and legal counsel to gain a better understanding of obligations with respect to PCI Compliance.


  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Supports multiple locations or profit centers
  • Supports multiple profit centers within locations

Order Entry

  • Commercial order entry module
  • Retail POS module
  • Extensive pricing matrix features and the most powerful contract management tools in the industry
  • Customer quotes
  • Consolidated billing
  • Corporate accounts
  • Credit card processing
  • Multi-dealer warehouse fulfillment

Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • Real-time, multi-location inventory control
  • Real-time wholesaler stock checks
  • Inventory reports
  • Supports the O/PUS item database from Trade Service
  • Picking, shipping and delivery manifests
  • Unlimited item bins
  • Route management
  • Interface for third-party-shipping software (Clipper, FedEx, UPS, etc.)


  • Performs federal, city and state tax calculations
  • Tracks 401(k) and Cafe Plan calculations
  • Calculates hourly, salaried and commissionable pay
  • Tracks employee advances and repayments
  • Allows for customized tax deductions by employees
  • Tracks employee-sponsored benefits and high-wage-earner Medicare tax calculation
  • Fully integrated with general ledger

Business Management & Reporting

  • 360° view of company operations
  • Real-time business metrics
  • Easy tracking of profitability for customers, products, contracts, groups and employees
  • Contract management and analysis
  • Pricing analysis for customer, vendor and employee records
  • Real-time monitoring of financial performance against budget
  • Flexible security settings
  • Comprehensive management and financial reporting
  • SQL databases for easy data export and analysis


  • Better access to business data for better decision making
  • Complete automated purchasing with major vendors
  • Automated "best pricing" logic for vendors
  • Internet purchasing with wholesalers, manufacturers and buying groups
  • Integration with major wholesaler groups
  • EDI capabilities for communications with other vendors

Sales & Marketing

  • Salesperson commissions and incentives
  • Customer purchase tracking
  • Customer quality metrics
  • Customer groups segmentation
  • Targeted sales campaigns

Domain Masking

  • Don't just promote your company, build your brand with a personalized domain name.
  • Short and easy to remember
  • Promotes branding
  • Easier for customers to search for your company
  • Supports Google Analytics

Optional products that integrate seamlessly with your DDMSPLUS™ software

In addition to its bundled package, ECi DDMSPLUS™ offers add-on solutions and services to meet your business needs, allowing you to fully optimize your day-to-day tasks, expand your services, and create a platform for growth. There is no need to work in multiple software platforms to perform tasks and retrieve information when you use DDMSPLUS.

Here's a snapshot of the add-on products we offer for DDMSPLUS:

E-commerce Website Design

Upgrade your e-commerce website with great design and continually freshened content, and generate more return business.

Learn More

Branded Website Design

Improve your regional search engine optimization (SEO), generate new leads, drive sales and increase your brand awareness through a branded website.

Learn More

On-site Business Review

Get a comprehensive business overview, complete with best-practice recommendations and modifications specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Learn More

OfficeShopper Mobile App

Let your customers shop conveniently from their smartphones and tablets. Make shopping quick, easy and mobile.

Learn More

Business Intelligence and CRM

Easily obtain sales and business intelligence to understand your customers' buying habits and make better decisions, faster.

Learn More

JumpTrack Proof-of-Delivery

Plan and track deliveries—optimize this potentially lucrative revenue stream with proof-of-delivery software.

Learn More

Managed Print Solutions

FMAudit®provides everything you need to assess, analyze, propose, monitor and market your MPS strategy.

Learn More

Premier Account Management

Receive a personalized review of your business goals, develop and execute a plan to meet those goals, and get annual follow-ups to identify additional improvements.

Learn More

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Is DDMSPLUS right for your office products business? Learn how DDMSPLUS helps:

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